Elite 91™

CLONES – Professional Rooting Compound
ROOTS – Professional Plant Additive
MYCO JORDAN – Professional Mycorrhizal Inoculant

Roots Organics - Aurora Formula 707 Soil

Roots Organics Formula 707 is a ready-to-use soil. Formula 707 is different from the other growing mixes created by Aurora Innovations. It was designed with greater water-holding capacity, fewer nutrients, less perlite and less pumice, and it contains ingredients specific to large container gardening. In fact, the packaging is a 30-gallon grow bag containing about 20 gallons of the finest quality potting mix. Just punch holes in the bottom, cut off the top and plant.

Sunshine® Advanced Mix #4 Growing Mix

OMRI Listed for organic gardening, Sunshine® Advanced Mix #4 is recommended for indoor growing. This myco-active mix retains moisture while providing improved root aeration and drainage. This product contains RESiLIENCE®, which may improve resistance to wilting. Quantities are sold in loosefill bags. You should start your own feed program within 7 days of planting or seedling emergence.

Smart Pot Patented Aeration Container

Smart Pot Is The Original, Award Winning, Fabric Container For Faster Producing, Healthier Plants...Anything else is just a pot. The top brand chosen by professional growers for over 20 years. Plants grow faster & healthier in our fabric containers. Reusable, durable, perfect around your home

deNova 1000 Watt, 240 Volt Integrated DE Reflector & Ballast

Innovative DE System, 5-mode adjustable reflector with dimmable ballast. Flexstar Technology Offers: Extended Lamp Life, Improved Par Value, and Better Lamp Stabilization.

Procidic 2 - Organic Broad Spectrum Bactericide and Fungicide Compound

Procidic 2 is an all-natural bactericide and fungicide that works on contact and systemically to cure powdery mildew. Procidic 2 is rapidly absorbed into the plant and moves towards the apex, allowing new tissues to be free of infection and reducing the risk of future bacterial and fungal growth

Marrone REGALIA advanced biofungicides, 2.5 gal

Place the revolutionary FloraCaps™ on your Rockwool cubes and maximize your space in the vegetative cycle. 17 flower-designed louvers block light while allowing air, water, and nutrients to your plants. The FloraCap™ was designed with the vegetative state in mind but has proven a worthy tool for the avid top feeder throughout the flowering stage as well. Eliminates algae and the use of pesticides by covering the media.


Hugo is large enough to grow out most vegetables and some fruits for the entire life span of the plant. Hugo’s holes are the perfect size for any 1.5" A-OK starter plug or Macroplug. When your starter has outgrown its home, showing three leaves, or roots reaching one 1” below the cube, Hugo is happy to receive the transplant. Hugo is sold individually with instructions on the wrapping. Hand water or use with drippers or in Ebb & Flow (Flood) systems.


FloraFlexers conserve up to 60% of water, nutrients, and time by incorporating the best and most efficient ways to deliver water and nutrients to their plants.

House & Garden

We carry House & Garden nurtients, from bases to additives like amino and nitrogen treatments.


Because organic ingredients play such a large role, all formulas are handcrafted in small batches to ensure superior consistency and quality control. We offer custom blended soil mixes, natural and organic fertilizers as well as organic-based products that Combine the Best of Technology with the Goodness of Nature™.


We supply and develop products that promote the growth of healthy hydroponic plants. Plants obtain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from the air and water, however other nutrients are necessary for plant growth. Mineral nutrients must be added during the entire lifespan of the plant to ensure healthy growth. With the right nutrition, hydroponic plants grow up to 30 - 50 percent faster than they do in soil.

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